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Hydrogeology is the study of the occurrence, movement, distribution, and physical and chemical properties of groundwater. Groundwater is one of the most important sources of water for drinking, livestock, irrigation, mining, industrial, and aquaculture purposes. More than 50% of people in the United States rely on groundwater as their drinking water supply and over 40 percent of irrigation water is provided by groundwater. More than 60% of water for livestock and mining and close to 20 percent of water for industry and aquaculture comes from groundwater.

In recent years, the sustainability of groundwater resources has been subject to uncertainty. Like many other places, we are withdrawing groundwater from aquifers faster than it is being recharged. Dramatic groundwater level change can affect the stability of the ground and subsequently the stability of structures in urban areas. For example, a significant drop in the groundwater level can result in subsidence, with the ground sinking into the dewatered area. In addition, reduced groundwater levels decrease the amount of available groundwater for competing demands.

Another significant threat to our groundwater resources is contamination that has reduced the availability of groundwater in certain areas due to agricultural, industrial, and municipal contaminants. Groundwater contamination, regardless of its natural or anthropogenic source, makes the water quality unsuitable for certain purposes, such as drinking and irrigation. Groundwater monitoring and effective groundwater management can prevent, eliminate, or diminish the adverse effect of a large number of groundwater contaminations that occur every day.

rightalignAt Parsiz Group, we believe that our services would not only benefit our clients, but also the environment in general. Therefore, we consider ourselves as part of the scientific and technical society trying to put groundwater management into an integrated context. Please contact us today for any kind of groundwater services you may need, including groundwater supply, monitoring, and remediation.

Professional hydrogeologists and engineers at Parsiz Group offer the following services to our diverse clients in groundwater studies:
  • Aquifer pumping tests
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Vadose zone monitoring
  • Groundwater and vadose zone monitoring well network design, installation, and development
  • Aquifer vulnerability analysis