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We use water on a daily basis for drinking, gardening, recreation, and in many other vital ways you may not realize, such as industry, power generation, and irrigation. Close to 80% of total water use is supplied from surface water resources, and about 50% of the population in the United States relies on surface water resources for their drinking water needs. The importance of water in our society is increasing with the growing population, and we have to find new resources to fulfill the expanding need.

Hydrology is the science that explains occurrence, distribution, movement and properties of the water on earth, along with its relationship to the environment over each stage of the hydrologic cycle. Because of the vital value of water in our lives, we should protect our water resources from possible threats, such as contamination and overuse to make sure that we have sustainable water resources for prolonged drought periods.

At Parsiz Group, hydrologists and professional engineers are dedicated to producing thorough water resources quality and sustainability assessments, and utilizing innovative solutions to prevent potential water crises.

imag Hydrologists and professional engineers at Parsiz Group offer the following services to our diverse clients in surface water hydrology:
  • Hydrologic analysis for site development
  • Determination of the nature of contamination and its potential sources in surface waters
  • Development of Storm Water Pollution Prevention (SWPP) plans
  • Development of BMP's to mitigate runoff
  • Watershed analysis
  • Storm water and runoff analysis
  • Surface water monitoring
  • FEMA floodplain investigation